Her Seed – Caméléon Studio

Her Seed

Asmaa is an independently owned, sustainable fashion designer and brand based in Brooklyn. Our clothes are inspired by the essence of nature. We believe in honoring and exploring the nuances of art wear and artisanal skills with a contemporary influence. 


Asmaa’s brand identity is rooted in exploring a multidisciplinary approach to art-wear, bridging traditional and modern craft techniques to make timeless fashion. Asmaa’s values involve creating ethical garments centered in transparent trade, environmental sustainability and an honest relationship with our skilled craft creative partners. Asmaa explores the parallels that exist in the transformative journey from thread to fabric to garment, in relation to our own individual journey and that of our society. We are a social ethical fashion brand with a goal to challenge the narrative of Fashion through space, community and craft. Asmaa will continue to adapt and contribute to social and environmental sustainability by exploring the nuances of ethical processes of garment production. 

At Asmaa, our philosophy is ever evolving to express the relationship that exists between art, communities and nature. And to connect creativity with developing solutions for social changes within fashion.