Natural dyeing with Founder: Asmaa Amadou – Caméléon Studio

Natural dyeing with Founder: Asmaa Amadou

Naturally dyeing cotton, linen and silk with hibiscus, indigo, turmeric, henna, cochineal, avocados skin and pits, purple cabbage, coffee and more. 


I've been naturally dyeing fabrics and block printing with the need to physically reconnect with ancestral textile art practices and techniques. My hope is to bridge and connect the two worlds that crafted who I am, the essence of NYC street life and fashion with skillful artisanal communities of West Africa through sustainable fashion and design. 

Unfortunately, right now I am limited with resources, materials and space to create :( the body of work I am invested in. By donating to my GoFundMe, I will be able to travel to West-Africa; which will equip me with guidance, space and teachers and easily accessible materials to work with.


Please Support me with my upcoming Project, Weaving equity with style, for Caméléon Studio. A journey of making eco-textiles from natural fibers and dyes. 



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