Caméléon Studio x Maria Lopez: Fiji Bucket Hat

Caméléon Studio x Maria Lopez: Fiji Bucket Hat

Brooklyn Crochet Bucket Hat Handmade

Fiji - Limited edition (reversible) handmade crochet bucket hat in Green and in blue 

Caméléon Studio x Maria Lopez

Maria is a local crochet artisan in Brooklyn. Born in Ecuador and holds 67 revolutions of the sun to her name, she’s been collecting stories in the US for the last 25 years.

Maria started crocheting since she was 16! Her spark for crocheting was inspired start by her friends and like minded crafty family members in her neighborhood. Being in the hustle of bustle of NYC, Maria was a little hesitant to embrace crochet as her full time. What started as a part time project, soon after getting multiplecommission work, she had crochet be her full time, successfully sustaining herself and her family.  

I came across Maria crocheting in her store in bushwick whilst on a walking the neighborhood and had to go in to chat with her about collaborating to make @cameleonstudio reversible bucket hats.
I present to you, Fiji Bucket Hat in green and in blue

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