Support founder, Asmaa Amadou to learn directly from indigenous textil – Caméléon Studio

Support founder, Asmaa Amadou to learn directly from indigenous textile makers/teachers in West Africa

A bridge between Worlds through ethical fashion, environmental sustainability and community development. 

By supporting the pilot production of Caméléon Studio's eco-textiles and garments, you will also be supporting me to learn directly from local indigenous teachers and mentors and build on my knowledge of textile art. I am passionate about creating ethical clothing that people can feel proud, and empowered to wear. I believe it is vital to have a relationship with the clothes you put on and knowing where those garments come from. How can we bring equity to generational led craft whilst bringing the story to each clothing piece made?

Traveling to West Africa are to explore ways to bring transparency to the entire production of textiles. A core aspect of Caméléon Studio is to highlight the cultural and artistic connection between the threads and the hands behind them. I am aiming to express the relationship that exists between art communities and nature; As well as the connection between creativity and developing solutions.  

From my research and communal word of mouth, I am choosing to concentrate my project focusing on Burkina Faso reflecting on it’s influences on modern weaving, Ghana for block printing, batik and Adire and Togo for it’s tailor and design prowess.

Our designs for our blueprint eco-textile are modern. The manufacturing is timeless and authentic of modern designs. Not only will we make it our mission to highlight the cultural history of textile design but we also want to support the communities that make it possible. 

We believe in honoring and exploring the nuances of indigenous art and nature with a contemporary influence. If we complete this project, it will bring light to our future concept and dream of having a working production and development studio in Togo whilst directly sourcing and making textiles from the nurtured relationships made with makers in Ghana and Burkina Faso and Togo. All and all strengthening the interconnection of our artist communities. 


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