Sustainability in Fashion, Food/Agriculture and the Environment – Caméléon Studio

Sustainability in Fashion, Food/Agriculture and the Environment

My goal is to bridge the connections between sustainability in fashion, food/agriculture and the environment. 





I am currently working on my project
For Caméléon Studio, "Weaving equity with style" which is rooted in ethical fashion and collective collaboration, NYC and West Africa.

In the next 5 years, I hope to build a workshop with an extension of a farm in Togo, a space for global creative communal collaborations. This will allow me to deepen and explore my roots, history, and art practices as a Black African woman, and further my activism for a sustainable world.  


Apart from operating my Caméléon Studio and gardening, I spend my free time enjoying the outdoors. I like emerging myself in nature as much as possible because It helps me stay grounded and often reminds me of growing up in Togo and spending summers in the village. As a SUNY New Paltz alumni, I always make sure to plan trips Upstate for hiking and swimming adventures in the Hudson valley and Catskills. 


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